Thursday, June 19, 2014


Here are some photos of how the system works on BTEs, Cochlear BAHA models, and Oticon Ponto models:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Good News!

I will be donating 15% of the purchase price (not including shipping) of every order to Ear Community starting immediately.

Ear Community is an awesome place to learn about hearing loss and options.  It was started to help those with Microtia and Atresia, but people with other conditions that suffer from hearing loss are sure to find helpful information there too.  They host summer picnics around the world to help those who are affected by hearing loss meet one another.  I went to my first one last summer in Columbus, Ohio, and it was a very rewarding experience.  This summer, I am flying out to Denver, Colorado for the Headquarter picnic.  Please consider also making a donation directly to Ear Community.  Ask anyone who knows about it; it's an extremely important resource.  They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and rely on donations to keep afloat.  There is one very busy, hardworking Momma behind all of this, and we all want her to be able to keep this organization alive and thriving for years to come!  Visit them at

pssssttt.....I have a top secret summer savings offer going on too!  Just enter THANKYOU4 at checkout to free shipping on your next order!  Offer good thru August 31st!

"I was sick of trying to stick a folded piece of wiggly plastic through a hole that was less than 2mm in diameter."

Hi!  I'm glad you found your way over to my blog from Etsy!  
These safety lines are wonderful, but Etsy's format doesn't really allow for me to give you the information you need to really understand what you are buying and how to know what size lines you need.  Please click on the links above to read the necessary information.  Please don't hesitate to contact me on Etsy with any additional questions!  Or, if you prefer, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post.  It will notify me that I have a comment to approve, so don't worry that I won't ever know it's there!